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The Li Delun Music Foundation is proud to present the following music events

  • East Meets West New Year's Concert 2024

    Date: January 6th Time: 19:30 Venue: Meridian Arts Centre, George Weston Recital Hall. 5040 Yonge Street.

    $108, $98, $88, $68, $58, $48, $39

    Embark on a musical journey with the Li Delun Music Foundation at the 2024 New Year's Concert – East-Meets-West Concert of Favourite Classics. Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of cultures, featuring the Toronto Festival Orchestra, the Yangtze River Performing Arts, and the Toronto Tsinghua Alumni Performing Arts Group. Led by the renowned Dr. Jin Wang, with captivating piano performances by Kevin Wang and hosted by the charming Kemin Zhang. The program includes masterpieces from Strauss II, Joseph Strauss, Mozart, Verdi, and more. Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with symphonic delights, cultural fusion, and timeless classics. Get your tickets now and welcome the new year with the magic of music!

  • Railroad!

    Honoring early Chinese immigrants' contributions to building America

    In a tale of camaraderie amidst adversity, 'Railroad' explores the mid-19th century as Li Shao, a Chinese immigrant drawn by the gold rush, befriends Strobridge, the determined Irish American Engineer overseeing the railroad construction. Battling prejudice from their white counterparts, Li unites a band of Chinese laborers with Irish workers, defying insurmountable challenges to construct the transformative transcontinental railroad that unites America from coast to coast.

  • Music Glamping

    This is a unique immersive music "glamping" experience brought to you by Bukaopu and hosted by Shamrock Ranch.

    This summer, we welcome you to the 17000 acres of nature preservation land known as Shamrock Ranch, situated 3 hours drive north of San Francisco, to enjoy a week of music making and self-discovery!

    Space is limited, first come first serve. Deadline for registration: June 6th, 2023.

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